Chick Magnet: The player who wins over both Beatrice and Sylvia

Chewing the Scenery: Abel sure does love to Hermes Replica Belts twirl his katana and pose as he gloats about his strength and trash talks you. Chick Magnet: The player who wins over both Beatrice and Sylvia, has Natalia warm up to them, was hinted to have been close to Nina before memory loss as she seems the one most upset, and their interactions with Aries M. Choice of Two Weapons: Given the player’s options, you can take the route of a Multi Melee Master, a Multi Ranged Master, or The Musketeer.

Replica Hermes Birkin And Dad was still married at the time! Sibling Yin Yang: While only peripherally involved in the story, short, stout, Eerie Pale Skinned Brunette Pauline has a tall, blond, glamorous looking sister. Sock It To Them: The movie ends with a murder committed with a brick in a nylon stocking. Standard Fantasy Setting: Borovnia. Teens Are Monsters: Pauline and Juliet are fourteen and fifteen at the beginning of the film, sixteen and seventeen by the end. There Are No Therapists: Averted, Pauline is taken to a child psychologist who concludes she’s suffering from a mental disorder called “Homosexuality”. There Is No Kill Like Overkill: Diello, the young prince of Borovnia, who kills pretty much everyone who isn’t his parents. Title Drop: During Pauline’s poem. Unfortunate Names: Pauline Rieper especially after what she does to her mother. Very Loosely Based on a True Story: In Real Life, the girls’ writing and “Fourth World” religion were in their trial as an Insanity Defense that was practically laughed out of court. In reality, Pauline was described as glamorous by classmates; a “proud beauty”, “like a gypsy”. Juliet was considered a snooty Brit with a “perpetual cold” who (they thought) exaggerated her symptoms for attention. The real Dr. Bennett was The Shrink, version 2, right down to testifying at length (somewhat incoherently) on the witness stand that the young women were completely bonkers. It didn’t fly, his testimony was ripped to shreds by the prosecution, and Pauline and Juliet were convicted. Pauline’s classmates point out that the film makes Honorah much more sympathetic than she really was. The “Letter from Old Stew” scene is more bunkum. Pauline was not failing English, but doing well in school and didn’t want to leave. Honorah pulled her out because she felt the school was causing her to have pretentions/ambitions above her lowly working class station. The letter, when it came, questioned Honorah’s decision, and was signed not just by Miss Stewart but by Hilda Hulme, Juliet’s mother, who was on the school board. Had Jackson stuck to the facts here, it would have gone a long way toward establishing Honorah’s real character and Pauline’s motive. Since he wanted to make Honorah nicer than she really was, the incident was rewritten to portray her as just a concerned mum. Big Fancy House: Ilam, home of the Hulmes. Yuri Genre: One of the more disturbing examples, really. Replica Hermes Birkin

Hermes Replica Assassin Outclassin’: When you recruit Sajin and Zeroshin into your army, they also give you a free assassination as a bonus. You can choose the target to be either the Rebellious Princess, a Mighty Glacier or a Red Shirt. No prizes for guessing which target is the only one they actually succeed in killing. Back from the Brink: Set to liberate all of the Orelus years after it was completely conquered by The Empire. Bittersweet Ending: The game ends with Palpaleos apparently dead, and Byuu wandering the sky alone. Hermes Replica

Hermes Birkin Replica Character Development: The Novel. This may have some basis in Real Life. Although he probably never became the samurai ideal he was presented as in the book, at least not until the last years of his life, it is known that Musashi stopped fighting fatal duels after the events of the novel, prefering to beat enemies without hurting them. He also became something of a Renaissance Man, becoming an expert in woodcarving, metalcrafting, and painting. Combat Pragmatist: Musashi developed his technique based on what works, giving him an advantage while fighting the Yoshiokas Hermes Birkin Replica.